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Engage Moms On Their Terms: In The Moment And On The Go

Volumes could be written about the various ways to engage mothers with mobile, but for now I want to focus on one specific tactic that has proven, both in the field and through independent research, to help drive moms to make purchases. I’m talking about strategic in-store messaging paired with mobile activated calls-to-action that deliver relevant, in-the-moment incentives to influence or cement purchasing decisions while moms are on the go.


Death of an Email Salesman, Rise of the Mobile Superhero

Email has enjoyed a nice run as a powerful marketing vehicle. In fact, many marketers who came of age in the digital era have hinged their careers on it.  Emails became smarter with optimized design, segmentation and personalized offers. We learned how to rapidly grow databases and strategized remarketing practices. Heck, analytics gurus and excel wizards had nothing on us when it came to proving our worth with numbers.


4 Reasons Your Mobile Channel is Falling Behind + How to Get Back on Track

Let’s cut to the chase. Mobile is moving faster than most of us can keep up. Consumers are in the driver’s seat and becoming increasingly demanding about how they can access your content—and the experience than comes with it. Identify if you’re falling behind and get moving on some new campaigns, or suffer the consequences.


3 Tips for Improving Your Mobile Data Strategy

According to a recent Forrester Report, nearly 37% of marketers don’t have defined objectives for mobile marketing measurement. This means the troves of data being generated by consumers every minute of every day isn’t being put to good use.


Five Mobile Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile adoption and commerce is entering a new era of growth. Spurred by increased consumer usage of mobile devices for searching, shopping, promotions, marketing, and buying on-device and in-store, its outlook is nothing but positive. Brands now have a wide range of creative technologies and campaigns to put mobile at the core of their marketing and reach consumers anytime, anywhere.